Susanne shooting by the Potomac
Susanne Coates is an active, independent filmmaker, multimedia specialist and Drupal developer in the Washington, DC area. Please click the Portfolio link above to view samples of her work and to read more about her current projects.


Susanne Coates and Emily Wathen
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Onboard Sérénité, Back Creek, Annapolis, Maryland, United States, North America
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In the blogpost, Sérénité: Winter Preparations 1, I discussed one of the steps I had taken to minimize heat loss. Now that it's officially Winter, the big battle is shaping up to be managing humidity onboard. The thing to understand is that most sailing yachts are not intended for year-round use and, as such, are not insulated to any great extent. So, the hull gets very cold and the moisture in the warm inside air condenses on the cold surfaces.