Susanne Coates is an active, independent filmmaker, cinematographer and multimedia specialist in the Washington, DC area. Please click the Portfolio link above to view samples of her work and to read more about her current projects.


This short documentary film follows island caretaker, musician, naturalist, and Potomac River advocate, Joe Hage. After moving to a small island adjacent to the C&O Canal and “inside the beltway” of Washington, DC, Joe reconnects with his passion for music and becomes a “diplomat” for the river.

Film Credits

Producer: Emily Wathen
Directors: Susanne Coates and Emily Wathen
Cinematographers: Susanne Coates, Gabriella Garcia-Pardo and Emily Wathen
Editors: Susanne Coates and Emily
Assistant Editors: Gabriella Garcia-Pardo, Megan Orr and Nicole Ricci
Project Status: Completed - see for information on festivals and screenings