Susanne shooting by the Potomac
Susanne Coates is an active, independent filmmaker, multimedia specialist and Drupal developer in the Washington, DC area. Please click the Portfolio link above to view samples of her work and to read more about her current projects.



Sérénité: Sunrise Jellyfish Encounter

Aliens from the Abyss ;-)
Blogging from
onboard Sérénité, Back Creek, Annapolis, Maryland, United States, North America
0.25 m

I woke early this morning, made coffee, and went up on deck to enjoy the sunrise. As I was sipping my coffee, watching the ducks swim by and the geese land noisily out on the creek, I looked down and discovered that I was being invaded by Cnidarians - a.k.a. Jellyfish. So, I grabbed the GoPro and started shooting ;-). I don't have a monitor for my action camera as it was not purchased for "point and shoot" use. To get these photos without immersing myself in the 8°C (46°F) water, the GoPro was mounted on the end of a long pole allowing me to stand on the dock.