Susanne shooting by the Potomac
Susanne Coates is an active, independent filmmaker, multimedia specialist and Drupal developer in the Washington, DC area. Please click the Portfolio link above to view samples of her work and to read more about her current projects.


Beginning as a technique that used reels of photosensitive, plastic strips and chemical treatment, filmmaking has been continually adapting to new technologies as they have become available. Now, how will the rise of artificial intelligence change what the practice consists of? Susanne Coates, a long-time filmmaker and software developer, shares her thoughts.



Current Projects

Where the Waters Blend explores the day-to-day life of a modern-day, non-reservation dwelling indian tribe. The Piscataway people’s ongoing struggle to retain and share their heritage frames the journey of Cryz - the two-spirit daughter of the tribal chairwoman -  from rejection to acceptance of her leadership role in the tribe.

Cinematography & Directing: Susanne Coates & Emily Wathen
Production & Editing: Susanne Coates

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