After a full week of film and business related things, I finally have a Susanne-day. Yay!
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Venice Beach, Los Angeles, California, United States, North America

After a full week encompassing a film festival, business meetings and an animation summit I finally have a Susanne-day. I spent it outside, exploring venice, the beach and the canals. I started off on the beach, went for a long, thoughtful walk and shot some photos and video. Captured some underwater footage around the large rocks that form one of the breaks that help to hold the beach in place. I'll assemble the video I shot throughout the week once I return home. I'd seen the Venice canals on Google Earth and they were only a few blocks from where I am staying, so I though I'd walk over and check them out. The canals are part of a housing development that contains everything from quaint two room bungalows to large, ultramodern homes. I enjoyed the variety of architecture and landscaping.