Ouí, she's French and Ouí, she has a built-in wine rack :-)
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After much deliberation, training, planning and over 2 years of looking at boats, thinking about requirements, looking at more boats, adjusting requirements, etc. my moving-aboard project is nearing completion. I am happy to announce that - if there are no hiccups with the inspection and closing - Serenity will be a French-built, Jeanneau Sun Fizz sloop, built in Les Herbiers, France in 1984 and designed by world renowned Naval Architect, Philippe Briand. In honor of my new home's nationality of origin I will be using the French spelling, Sérénité, of her new name.

Serenity Found

So, what's next?

After the buyer and seller have negotiated the price (done!), the next step in the process is the marine survey - similar to a home inspection. The boat will be hauled from the water and put on stands where a professional surveyor will assess her condition inside and out, and check all of her systems. Afterwards she will be returned to the water for the sea trial. More on this in the next blogpost.