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Today was the haul-out, survey and sea trial of my soon-to-be home. During this process the boat is hauled-out of the water (see the slide sequence at the bottom of the page) by means of a Travel Lift, then she's power washed to remove "critters" from the hull and the surveyor begins his work.

Power Wash
Power Wash!

The surveyors job is to conduct an inspection of the vessel to assess and report on her condition. Marine surveyors also inspect all of the onboard equipment to ensure compliance with various standards or specifications. Surveys typically include the structure, machinery and equipment (navigational, safety, radio, etc.) and rigging. A survey by an accredited surveyor is an important part of buying a vessel and is usually required by insurers to obtain coverage. 

Hull Percussion
Marine surveyor percussing the hull of the boat to check for delamination and water intrusion.
sea trial
Sea trial: motor performed well, but we didn't get to do much sailing - very light wind. 

Following the survey is the sea trial. The purpose of the sea trial is to assess a vessel’s performance and general seaworthiness including it's speed, maneuverability, equipment and safety features.