Event: DrupalCon 2016 New Orleans



The Drupal community is one of the largest open source communities in the world. They're developers, designers, strategists, coordinators, editors, translators, and more. Each year, they meet at DrupalCamps, meetups, and other events in more than 200 countries. But once a year, the community comes together at the biggest Drupal event in the world: DrupalCon North America.

DrupalCon 2016 NOLA

Event: Drupal GovCon 2016

GovCon 2016


People from every level of government, nonprofit organizations, private companies, labor unions, and independent freelancers are drawn to Drupal GovCon with the same goal: to arm themselves with mad skills and serious know-how to better serve their communities.

Drupal GovCon 2016

High Dynamic Range, Near Infrared

This portfolio entry displays some of my IR-HDR work. For a quick start on how to shoot in infrared using a DSLR camera see my HowTo article titled "Infrared Photography Quickstart.

View across Audubon Park lake


Blogging from
Assateague Island National Seashore, Site B-24
0.38 m

Woke up on Saturday and decided to head over to the shore to camp, relax and do some shooting. My destination was Assateague Island state park and national seashore. I arrived in the late afternoon, made camp then hit the beach for a long, relaxing walk.