Susanne shooting by the Potomac
Susanne Coates is an active, independent filmmaker, multimedia specialist and Drupal developer in the Washington, DC area. Please click the Portfolio link above to view samples of her work and to read more about her current projects.



Tornado Trouble

"Whirl, whirl, twist and twirl..."
Blogging from
Onboard Sérénité, Back Creek, Annapolis, Maryland, United States, North America
0.50 m

So, I fell asleep last night to the relaxing sounds of rain and distant thunder. Around 01:00, I was awakened by the sudden, violent movement of the boat in her slip as she was brought up hard against her mooring lines and rolled about 15 degrees to port. There were the sounds of things crashing - both inside and outside the boat - and dock lines squeaking and moaning under the sudden strain. I was instantly out of bed, turning on lights and looking out on deck to see what was going on.