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Susanne Danielle Coates is a filmmaker, artist, author, software developer and polymath. She enjoys exploring the planet we all call home, taking photos of- or making films about- it's diversity of people and places, and blogging about her adventures. She is also an advocate for ocean conservation and drinking water sustainability.

Susanne is notable for a number of achievements including the development of a method for reinforcing skateboard decks with aramids such as Kevlar to reduce breakage and the first implementation of a distributed, parallel processed, artificial neural network on an ad-hoc computing cluster. She currently works as a multimedia specialist and Senior Web Developer (Drupal/PHP) in the Washington DC Area, and is an active documentary filmmaker. Susanne lives, works and travels aboard her sailboat Sérénité.

Multimedia specialists design and create information technology based multimedia products such as websites, DVDs and software that combine various information modalities such as text, sounds, pictures, graphics, audio, video, virtual reality, geolocation data and/or digital animation.