Where the Waters Blend


Where the Waters Blend explores the day-to-day life of a modern-day, non-reservation dwelling indian tribe. The Piscataway people’s ongoing struggle to retain and share their heritage frames the journey of Cryz - the two-spirit daughter of the tribal chairwoman -  from rejection to acceptance of her leadership role in the tribe.

Cinematography & Directing: Susanne Coates & Emily Wathen
Production & Editing: Susanne Coates
Production Company: ArsMeta Films

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Towpath Joe


This short documentary film follows island caretaker, musician, naturalist, and Potomac River advocate, Joe Hage. After moving to a small island adjacent to the C&O Canal and “inside the beltway” of Washington, DC, Joe reconnects with his passion for music and becomes a “diplomat” for the river.


Producer: Emily Wathen
Directors: Susanne Coates and Emily Wathen
Cinematographers: Susanne Coates, Gabriella Garcia-Pardo and Emily Wathen
Editors: Susanne Coates and Emily 
Assistant Editors: Gabriella Garcia-Pardo, Megan Orr and Nicole Ricci


Raising the Bar


Jason Sturm had a life and career planned in the US military, but everything changed when a combat training accident took his leg. Finding community and rehabilitation in the extreme-intensity world of Crossfit training, Raising the Bar follows Jason as he pursues his dream of going back to school, opening his own gym, and shaping a life committed to helping other adaptive athletes regain fitness and health.

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Producers: Lindsey DumontPeter Haig
Executive Producer: Nina Gilden-Seavey
Director of Research: Susanne Coates
Cinematographers: Susanne Coates, Jasmine Bright, Monica Santis, Kevin Norton
Editors: Susanne Coates, Kaela Clark, Courtney Daley, Monica Santis, Jasmine Bright, Kevin Norton
Sound: Jasmine BrightKaela Clark, Courtney Daley
Writers: Kaela Clark, Kevin Norton