Book Project: Proteus


He was a child of a simple upbringing who was thrust into a world of wonders beyond his imagination: where humans have become one with machines and thought travels faster than light itself. He adapted, remade himself - and thrived. What he did not know was that one day the fate of the cosmos would rest on his shoulders.

Archons of the Fifth Age Series Pages


Illustrations created with POV Ray and Adobe Photoshop (CC)
Video created using AC3D, PovRay, Adobe Afterefects and Premiere

Publication Date: TBA
Format: Novella (Paperback & E-Book)
ISBN: 978-1469927350

Book Project: The Essence of the Matter


Physics Professor, Don Remmler's controversial ideas had made him an outcast. When his experiments produce unexpected results, it seems a confirmation of his theories. In orbit, an experimental satellite discovers magnetic anomalies deep in the Egyptian desert. Archaeologist, Sergei Vaseliev, is dispatched to investigate - what he finds creates more questions than answers. When the two men cross paths and collaborate they discover an ancient secret, but can they understand it before it's too late?

Archons of the Fifth Age Series


Illustrations Created using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
Video Created using Apple Motion and Final Cut Pro
Publication Date: December, 2011
Format: Novella (Paperback & E-Book)
ISBN: 978-1463598983

Book Project: Neural Interfacing


The illustrations for this project were created using a number of tools, primarily: POV Ray, Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator.
Published in: Neural Interfacing: Forging the Human-Machine Connection
Publisher: Morgan and Claypool Publishers, San Rafel, November 2008, ISBN: 978-159829
All illustrations Copyright 2008 by Susanne Coates, All Rights Reserved